The User Interface consists of four main sections:

• Section1: a control panel on the left  (blue box in Figure 2) for the selection of the early warning forecast date and time (blue box in figure 2), the early warning forecast variable (red box in Figure 2) and the early warning indicators variable (green box in Figure 2). The section "Display" allows to choose the kind of visualization desired (orange box in Figure 2):  a) map ("Environmental fields"); b) plot ("Time series").   

• Section2: a map in the middle of the home page (Figure 1) where the outputs are shown. 

• Section3: a time-series at the bottom of the home page (Figure 1) where the outputs are shown

Figure 1- Early Warning User Interface


The control panel

Fugure 2 - Left Menu



  • Forecast Date and Time (blue box in Fig.2)– select a specific forecast date and time;
  • Early Warning Forecast (red box in Figure 2)– Select the desired variables, displayed as a map of the forecast and as time-series by clicking on the map at a certain location. The chosen location will be shown on the map as a green pin-marker.
  • Sea-level: this variable is displayed only as a time-series given for target locations (Figure 3).
  • Early Warning Indicators (green box in Fig.2) – Select the desired variables to get information about trend variability of the environmental variables and climate indexes, displayed as maps and time-series.

Figure 3 - Sea Level